Today my photographer (Brian Woobank), came back to town. I spent the morning out King Salmon fishing, with one of the Yakutat Lodges 3 Hooker captains. We did very well, very quickly. It was only one and a half hours before we had four Kings on the boat. When I got back, I fillet the fish and headed off with Brian to fish for Steelhead and Rainbows at the head of the river. We had a great time. We flew in on the float plane, and walked down river. We got some nice Rainbows, Dolly Varden, and of course Steelhead. I will have more to write about tomorrow I am sure, but here are some pics from today.


IMG_7918 IMG_7932 IMG_7942 IMG_7952 IMG_7958 IMG_7976 IMG_7982 IMG_7961 IMG_0017IMG_0022  P5210149 P5210137P5210154 P5210143 P5210008 P5210051 P5210119