Sometimes in life you find the perfect fishing partner. The one who you can fish with and never have any problems. They don't  cast over your line, they don't need you to show them the fish, and most important, they are willing to help you land every fish you hook. I have gone through many fishing partners, but they have all gone away, after I wouldn't talk to them on the river, or help them. When I am at home in Oregon, I don't want to do anything but fish. I have now found the perfect fishing partner, and she is great. Never complains about the length of the walk, never gets to cold, and most important, she never asks any questions, and she needs no help. I am talking about my best friend, my dog Indy. Four years ago I made the most important purchase of my life. I received Indy on the fourth of July, so her full registered name is Independence day, but she goes by Indy. She is a pure bred Blue Heeler, and she is the smartest dog I have ever known. She helps with every fish I land. If I go more than fifteen minutes without hooking up, she will start to bark at me until I hook up again, then she is ok for another fifteen minutes. She is patient, and has more stamina than any other fisherman I have ever been with. Her birthday was on May 20th, so this is a tribute to all the fun she has given me over the years. She can be seen on the cover of Fish Alaska Magazine, January issue 2008. She is also in the Feb. issue, under fishing for compliments with my photographer (Brian Woobank). She is a wonderful dog, and I wouldn't fish with out her by my side. To all that know her, you know she is the best. She has been a faithfull companion, and has also became well known at the Yakutat Lodge, where she had her own chair in the corner of the bar, before the rules changed last year, and now she just rely's on visits from clients who know her well. So to all those who have a best friend of the canine breed, I say to you, don't forget to spend time with your dog, and always let them know they are loved for what they do.


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