I took Fred Blau out fishing again yesterday. The fishing was great, but the catching was not so hot. We fished hard for only one fish. I don't have the answer for why the bite was off, except I know I had one boat in front of me all day pulling plugs. When you pull plugs in front of someone, by the time any other boats come to fish where the plugs have been used, you might as well just drift on home. The fish will be spooked, and unwilling to bite after they have had plugs run in front of them. Anyway enough of that crap. I would like to say thank to all the clients of Yakutat Lodge that took their time to fish with me this year, and for reading my ramblings about fishing. I would very much appreciate some more input. I think that when you comment it sends on E-mail to my gmail. I have responded to many of them, but then never heard back again. Tell me if you have made a comment, and I have not responded, it's only because the E-mail has not worked. I have responded to every comment so far. I would very much like your input, and please just let me know your out there!!!.  Thanks again to all those patient clients that put up with the slow catching this year. Without any more wasted time, here are the pics of the fish Fred caught, and one that I tangled with on the trip that day. By the way, the new reel in the pics is a Pflueger Presidential, wide large arbor. I have always had the Orvis Battenkill V in my personal pics. After about 1,200 fish, the drag system just doesn't work any longer. I have always used a Pflueger fly rod and reel. If you look at some of my earlier pics you will see that I used a Pflueger medallist. Three years ago a client sent me an Orvis Battenkill V large arbor. I loved it until the drag went out this year. I thought I would go back to Pflueger since I had such good luck with it in the past, and that the rods have always been perfect. I will let you know as time goes by if the Pflueger Presidential is as good as the Medallist was.  There is also a pic of my Fiance' with a nice Cutthroat Trout she caught this evening. Also some pics of other cuts we caught this week.

Little Brown Nice Springer Fighting it out Nice Fish P5180003My Fiance's first Cutthroat Nice Cuts Male Cut


Good luck out there.