Well the rain has caused havoc in the river again. The water is high, and the fish are spread out all over the river. When the water is a bit lower, then you can target the fish in the runs, and the deeper holes. With the water up higher, the fish spread out, and they are harder to target. The bite is better, but it is harder to get in front of them, because they are more singled out, and not in big groups. I think this is just a slow season. Some have come and done very well, but for the most part the fishing has been slower this year. I don't know if it a lack of fish, water height and temp., or maybe I am losing it. I don't know what to say about it, but it has been a rough Steelhead season for me. We had 6 bites, 4 good hookups, and 2 to the boat. I was with a Father and Son team, (Clients of the Yakutat Lodge). Mike (The Son) is on his first visit to the Situk, and he is after his first Steelhead of his life. His Dad has been coming here for 10 years, and knows how to fish. Well he hooked up right away, and landed a nice fish. He then handed me his rod so that he could take a break and get rid of some coffee he had rented an hour before. I took a cast and hooked up with a nice fish. I handed the rod off to Mike, and he landed this big female. It looked like the day was off to a good start. They then missed 2 more take downs. After this first hole, we struggled all the way down the river. With only a few more hookups, and none to the boat, the day ended with a slow bite. Here are the pics, and an underwater release to come later.


Father and Son Nice fish Big Female NICE!!