As all of those who read this on a regular basis know, I have had a rough go of it for about the last three weeks. My clients of the Yakutat Lodge have been able to hook up with fish, but have been unable to land a large percentage of them. Well today looked like it was going to be the same old thing all over again. Fist off, we go on down past the half way point on the river. I have a spot in mind, but as we round the corner I can see something new in the river. In the last two days we have had some strong winds and hard rains. Well last night the wind decided to drop a couple of Spruce trees across one of my more commonly fished holes. Not having a chainsaw onboard, we are forced to drag the boat over the gravel bar, and around the tip of the tree. After accomplishing this task, we started fishing directly behind the downed trees. The hook up came quickly. The fight was as big as the fish. After a good five minutes, the fish had gone down river about 30 yards, and was up near the bank. I headed down with the net. Just as I was about to net the fish, it turned around a limb and popped off. I thought "Here we go again". A little bit later, as seen in the video, we hit and lost another nice fish. The bite slowed to a crawl for the next few hours. In the last hour of the day, we found a good group of fresh fish that were willing to make our day. We hooked four and landed three in this last spot. With the ones we had landed along the way, it gave us a grand total of, 10 hooked and 5 to the boat. 50% is not to bad for the weeks I have had recently. Here are the pics from today.



Nice fish Little springer Nice chomer The pig Here's looking at you Great girth!!