Hit it hard today with the fly rods in the upper section of the river, but it was tough. Hooked one and lost it. After an awesome shore lunch of Lamb cycles, and mushroom soup, we decided to change tactics. We got down and dirty with the plugs. The day turned around fast at that point. We hooked up in all but one spot we stopped in. We ended the day with 13 hooked up and 4 to the boat. Not a great percentage, but boated fish are not always the ones you remember the most. It was a great direction for the day to have turned into.

All that know me, know that plugging is my last resort, but not today. I could have used several different methods, but I just did not feel it today that those other uses would have produced the day we had. Sometimes you have to jump out of your comfort level, and just go for it. Some of the best days fishing are when you do what you would normally despise. This does not mean that I will ever use bait though. I still hate that crap. “Ian” ha ha.





Good luck out there