The fishing is getting better everyday at this point and seems to be on the upside for the month. The weather is being a bit strange for this time of year, but that‘s what you can expect with this much snow on the ground. Spring fish are arriving on each tide at this time, but the water temp is not going up enough to get the really big pushes yet. I have seen large groups coming up, but I believe they may be going back out and not going up the system. I have seen more fresh spring Steel in the river this week, but not the big groups that I have seen all the other years I have been here. Fall fish are now few and far between. Last week the Fall fish were in the upper stretches of the river, but the rain and high water this week pushed them out or back up???. I think this is really going to blow out this next week, but we need warmer water to make it really happen I believe.

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Good luck out there.