I am having way to much fun this year so far. The Steelhead are everywhere we go, and they are some of the most aggressive I have seen in years. I have been using the fly rod off the bank for the last week and a half, and have had very good success with hooking up, but the landing has been an issue. Today was more like it, with 7 out of 11 to the hand. Tom also hooked many fish and landed 4 nice ones. The water is dropping fast right now and clearing on a daily basis, making it more difficult to approach without being seen. We have changed out tactics a bit, going to indicators and small presentation just off the bottom so the fish do not have to travel to take the offering. It seems to be working well the last two days. The pics and video’s from today were great, and I hope you enjoy them.


P1113154P1112492P1112487P1112485 P1112478P1112471P1112468P1112464P1112449P1112447P1112427P1112425P1113133



Good luck out there