Wow is the only thing I can say at this point of the season. I have been out everyday but one since the first, and between me and my two buddy’s, we got into over 80 fish. I will be the first to admit that we got our butts kicked. With over 80 hooked you would think that several nice fish would have found their way onto the camera, but that was not to be. We figured out that only 15 found the bank, the others ran, jumped, freaked out, and shook the hooks. I don’t know what to say except these fish were hot. We went down to 6 pound test to get the strikes, and man did that ever do it. With several doubles and one triple, we could not have asked for a better beginning. Hope the rest of the winter is just as good. Here are some pics, some may be from the first day and be duplicates of the last post. Also a couple pics of a few great guys I met over the week.

P1062277P1062272P1062264P1062261 P1062254P1062225P1062240 P1062222P1042217P1042205P1062250


P1042201P1043086P1043085P1043078P1043076P1042199P1042189 bc #2P1012183bc #1  

Good luck out there.