Well it has been a bit since I updated last, but the fishing was good in between. I have not been out as much as I would like to, but the trips I have taken have been successful. Steve and I got into over 100 fish one day alone. We landed around fifty fish that day, and wore out our arms in the process. Kings and Silvers were on the menu, as Steve and I devoured the river full of fish. The Silver Salmon were more abundant, but with over ten large Chinook caught, and over 30 hooked, it was not to bad. Steve landed his first 3 real big Kings this day, and they were all dandy’s. Throughout the day, we only really saw about 5 darker fish, the rest were chrome bright. Here are some great pics from two days worth of destruction. Hope you enjoy.


PA150049 PA160145 PA160146 PA160147 PA160148  PA160151 PA150043 PA150047 PA150052PA150056 PA150053  PA150058 PA150070 PA150074 PA150076 PA150078 PA150096 PA150102 PA150105 PA150107 PA150111  PA150122PA150114 PA150123 PA150125 PA150126 PA150128 PA150129 PA150131 PA150132 PA150133 PA150134 PA150135 PA150136 PA150138 PA150139 PA160141 PA160142 PA160143 PA160144

Good luck out there