I know it has been awhile, and I am working on it. My computer took a dump, and I am in the process of getting it fixed. Probably early next week, and I will be back up and going with the pics. I have been fishing though. Steve and I, went to the coast a couple of times now, and we did very well. No Steelhead yet, but over a hundred Silvers and Kings in a two day extravaganza. The pics are great, and I can’t wait to get them up here. Steve got about a50 pounder, and I also got one real big one, I think around 60 but no pic. We had a great time, and we are heading back for chum’s early next week. Hope to get the pics to you as soon as possible, just know that I have not gone away, just working on getting everything fixed.

P6130372 P5161674IMGP0236 

Good luck out there