Silvers and Halibut galore!!!  The Salt water has really come to life this season, and the Silvers are practically jumping in the boat. I was out yesterday with captain Ken, captain Dave, and Amanda. We spent less than 2 hours fishing, and we were able to land 16 Silvers, two halibut, and 2 Ling cod. Not bad for 2 hours, including run time to and from the area. Here in Yakutat, the Silver grounds are only 10 minutes from the harbor. In this area, even the people who are prone to sea sickness, can get out and fish. I am one of those that gets sick, and I have been out for Silvers now 7 times with no ill effects. I still don’t think I could do the 6 miles out for the big Halibut, but the Silvers are no problem. Weather has been beautiful for the last couple of days, so we are taking advantage of it. The Silver salmon are here from the end of July, all the way through mid Sept. If you have been looking for a place to go for Silver Salmon with out a big crowd, come on up to Yakutat Lodge and see what you are missing. Here are some great pics of the ocean catch over the last week, and also a video of the Silvers we caught yesterday.

DSC00876 DSC00878 DSC00879 DSC00888 IMG_0621IMG_0590 IMG_0593  IMG_0624 IMGP0481 IMGP0483 IMGP0489 IMGP0504 IMGP0506 IMGP0507 IMGP0508 IMGP0511


This halibut weight in right around 42 pounds, (Even though the sign says 327), and was 93 inches long. Great job captain Dave!!

SL730095 SL730080 SL730090 SL730094  SL730096

Good luck out there