Here is a great video of underwater Kings, and another with some great footage of Pink Salmon attacking a jig.

  I just want to say one more time. If you can come to Yakutat, now is the time. The town is quiet, yet the fish are more than plentiful. Sockeye’s are everywhere, Pink Salmon are coming in thick, and the Dolly’s and Jack Salmon are attacking spinners. For the best fishing in South East Alaska, come up here and hook up with the best fighting Salmon in the world, and you will feel like you own the 14 mile stretch of river you will drift down.

Get a hold of Ken or Kip Fanning, at Yakutat Lodge, and let them know you want to come up and catch fish. The next three weeks are going to be great fishing for kids. If you know a kid that really wants to get into fishing, then the pink salmon are the way to go. You can catch them one after another. Let’s get the next generation pumped up on fishing!!

Good luck out there.