Well the Steelhead are on their way out of the system, and are stacking up in the lower holes of the Situk. There are now about three holes that are holding around 300 fish, and a big school of a couple hundred just at the the weir. The females are on the bite big time right now, but they are still Steelhead, and sometimes they just won’t co-operate. With the Keller group, I just fished them above the forest service cabins / airstrip, (About 3 miles down river) and then I got into a plane and went to the Situk lake for the rest of the day, with other’s from the Keller group. We got two nice Steelhead at the top end, and then caught tons of Dolly Varden and Rainbow trout at the lake. Here are some pics from that day.

P5269736 P5269741 P5269726P5269723   P5269742

Paul and Clancy have graced the site many times in the past, and they were back for more. On the day we headed down the river, the sun was shining, and it was way to bright for the fish. We pounded the river hard all the way down for 11 miles. Finally we came across a real nice group of about fifty fish, and proceeded to pound on these fish with everything we had, and nothing. I could not take it anymore, and I said “Ok guys, it’s time to pull out the plugs!”. Well that was the ticket. In less than an hour, we hooked up with 14 fish, and landed 6 of them. That was the ending we needed to hard fished day. Overall we had a great time, and the finish was the best for all of us. I will see them again next year I am sure. Here are the pics.

P5279749 P5279757 P5279768  P5279778 P5279781 P5279761P5279785 

Good luck out there.