Well I am back at home again amongst the Steelhead I have grown to love so much. Had to work throughout the day, but I was able to mess with some fish tonight. I tried the mouth of the river first, but no movement at all. I ran into a friend of mine, that told me about some fish up behind a log that I have often fished behind, so I headed up to them. He had hooked up with two of them, so I knew there were some biters left behind for me. I found them quickly, and at first I was so excited I could not do anything correct. First I hooked myself, then my dog, then wrapped up around a branch and had to re-rig. So you would think this would end at this point, but not today. I re-rigged a total of three times before I got it together. One reason I will use as an excuse, is that I was perched on an icy log that had 0 traction. With one foot on a stub, and the other one slipping back and forth, I was not in the most stable place to be, but it was the only good action on the fish. There were around 30 fish in this run, and after the entire fiasco of the first 20 minutes, I was hooked up with a real nice 6 pound chromer. Soon after I hooked up again, and lost this one, about a 10 pounder. I was able to hook up and play with 8 of these beauties, and brought 3 to the camera. From where I was fishing the pics are all of fish at my feet below the log, so no good ones on the bank. There are three fish all together, but they all look alike from this angle, so hopefully they are ok to view. The light was also going away, so they are slightly dark.

 P4070293 P4070295   P4070298 P4070299   P4070303   P4070309  P4070283 P4070284 P4070285 

The Situk is flowing great, and reports are ok to fair so far. I am floating tomorrow, and will have a much better report for you. I have heard that some winter fish have begun to drop back down, and are set up between nine mile bridge and the Cadillac hole. They fresh spring fish, “(“The ones I am after”) are starting to show up in little bunches also. I really believe this year, because of the low snow amounts this winter, and the mild spring being forecast, that the water temps and levels will be very fruitful for Steelhead fisherman. The last time we had a mild spring like this was in 2003, and the fishing was spectacular, but I will say this to everyone reading, “They are Steelhead, and they will do what they want, when they want”, so please don’t say, “But you said it was going to be great this season”, it is just a gut feeling.

Also here is a fish from a river back home. A big native on a fly.

4 7 2010 009

Good luck out there,