I don’t know when it will end, but I hope it just keeps on going. I know at this point, the fish are turning color, and the meat is not at it’s best, but for someone who does not eat them, they are still fighting fish. For the last 30 years, I have taken some flak for fishing after all the bright ones are gone, but I say to them “Who cares, they still bite, and they still fight!” I have seen and landed several very nice fish this last week, (some egg wagons with the skeen’s still in act and great meat for those that want it). The males may have color on them, but if they are still firm and not to badly beat up, the meat will still be in great shape, they just don’t look as good to the neighbors when you bring it out for the barbecue. Anyway, the fish are still moving in. Today, Matt and I saw nearly 20 fish, got into 12, and landed 4. At certain times today we had up to 8 fish in 2 different holes, with new fish moving in throughout the day. Weather has been fabulous, but it is leading to real low water conditions, causing the fish to be more spooking after the morning shade goes away. Most of the fish are laying in tight little riffles behind rocks, but we did find fish moving through the bigger holes today. At least 5 of the fish we saw today, were 12 to 15 pound chrome bright egg wagons, working there way up quickly. We could not even keep up enough to get one cast at these fish. “They were on the move!”. Here are the pics from today, and I am trying to put together a good vid, but youtube is messing up with the music I can use. Hope to have it up soon!.





Good luck out there.