The creek is on the drop, and very clear right now!. I was not out there yesterday, but my buddies were, and I got some pics from their day. Today I was on the creek with Damon and Richard. We got into fish throughout the entire day. I think we decided that we saw about 15 fish, and landed 8 of them, and hooked all but 2 that I can think of. We had some good aggressive bucks today, that are guarding their egg wagons. When they get like this, they are very likely to bite anything in the vicinity. Got some good pics today, and a couple vids coming up as I get them together. Hope you are all catching fish!!

P.S. I lost my Leatherman on either Friday,Saturday, or Sunday at the creek. I set it down on the bank and forgot it. If anyone who reads this, found it, or knows someone who did, please return it to me. It has some sentimental value (Gift from my brother for first year in Alaska), I would very much like to have it returned it anyone knows where it is. Thanks.

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Good luck out there