Well I don’t really know what to write anymore about the creek. The fish are still there, and I have had some great days this week. Today was a good day for the three of us. (Damon, Richard, and I). We hooked up with nearly 15 fish, and landed a good percentage of them. Got some great video today, and hope to get more tomorrow. Talked to the hatchery guys, and got some info. They have processed 927, and have about 30 in the trap now. The ODFW site claims that Eagle Creek fish are still being caught as far down as the mouth of the Clack. Conditions remain low and clear. With the weather we are having now, you have to fish in tight behind rocks with hard white water spilling over. They are there, they are just tight in the white water. Light blue and white are the ticket for the rest of the month, and then should be switching to purple and darker blues.

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I have also thrown in some pics given to me the last couple of days from others catching fish on the creek.


Good luck out there.