In the bottom vid is one of the best holes in the river. Can anyone that fishes here tell which hole this is?. It is one of the honey holes by the hatchery. I bet everyone just passes this spot up, and doesn’t even cast in. We felt pity on these fish, and did not disturb them, but I am sure if we had cast, we would have hooked up at least 10 or more. There were at least 25 or more fish in this hole. The hole is located less than a mile below the hatchery. The fish moving in the video, are only moving because we pushed them around for the film, otherwise most would walk by and never see anything here. I bet that over 50 walked right passed these fish in the last week. Look real close and you can see the fish in the hole. Also a good release video. Went up and looked at the pen today, at least 400 hundred fish or more have made it back. This could be more than half the entire bounty for the season, but let’s hope not. One pic today, the other fish I landed, for some reason I just kicked back and forgot the pic. Also a pic from a couple good fisherman, that got into some great fish today.



Good luck out there.