As you can guess, the river I fished today, was almost froze over. Eagle Creek, today was cold, “very cold”. The fishing was not the goal once we reached the river. Just standing up, with 2 inches of built up ice on the bottom of our boots. We went in fast, but took forever to get out. Every step was a slip in the wrong direction. Even though the river had no fish, the temp. was low, and the water to clear, it was still an awesome morning. We had the creek to ourselves, and the scenery was fabulous. Ice is covering almost the entire creek in allot of spots, and a big lonely Beaver was swimming around in the frigid water. The Beaver was not bothered by us or our dogs, he seemed to be happy to see visitors this late in the year. Here are some pics I took from the creek today.

PC090017  PC090006 PC090007 PC090008 PC090009 PC090012 PC090005PC090013 PC090016

Good luck out there