Today I went out for the first time in weeks, and it was good. I went down to Eagle Creek, and although there were not a lot of fish yet, I was able to have a good time with the ones I found. I got into my first fish within ten minutes, and thought this was going to be a banner day. It turned out to be just a good one. I was able to hook up with three Steelhead, and one large Silver. I landed 2 of the Grey Ghosts, and also the Salmon. The river level is great, and the clarity is to die for. I spent about 6 hours on the river, and it looked as though the winter storms really cleared out the debris, that scattered it’s way throughout the stream from last year. Everything looks great, and I hope the season ahead will be great for all of us who fish this wonderful place.

PC010249 PC010241  PC010246 PC010248 PC010243

Good luck out there.