Another great day on the Situk River. The fish are just everywhere at this point, and a push of new fish in the last couple of days, has really given’ us some great fishing on the lower 2 miles of the river. The big males are showing up now, signifying the peak, and start of the end of the run this year. The big spawning males are usually the last to show up in the river, and they are the fighters most fisherman are looking for. These big males are very aggressive, and very strong. Randy, (One of the lodges long standing guides), brought in a nice 17.8 pound male yesterday, and I have seen some of the big hawgs in the system the last couple days. These new fish, will sustain the run through the end of the month, giving fisherman a good shot at landing large numbers of fish on a daily basis. If you are coming up, please spend the time to talk to one of the Yakutat Lodges guides, to find out exactly what the fish are biting on, and also just for the knowledge of where the fish are running and being caught. Here are the pics from today.

P9220013  P9220008P9220007 P9220009 P9220010 P9220011


Good luck out there.