Sorry about the delay, Internet has been down. Not much to say, except that the river has so many fish, it’s crazy fishing. Clients of Yakutat Lodge, that are floating the river, are getting up to 60 fish a day, to the boat. That’s good fishing!!. Here are the pics from the last 4 days. The pics are of the Vorpahl group, that includes, Tom, Willie, Ken, and Bob. The Fallon group, whom have been visiting us for many years now. This is the husband wife (Marty and Bob) in the pic with the big Silver. Also the Hench group. Here are the pics. Where are you Annes revenge??

P9170017 P9170019 P9170021 P9170009 P9170012 P9170015 P9170016

P9140044 P9140046 P9140049 P9140050 P9140014 P9140017P9140027 P9140033 P9140035 P9140036 P9140037 P9140041


P9190049P9190041 P9190044   P9190055P9190051 P9190063P9190060 P9190061 P9190071P9190069   P9200007 P9200009P9190073 P9200016 P9190079P9200017 P9210018P9190030 P9190029 P9190031 P9190035P9190037 P9190036 

Good luck out there