Today I was given a day off, and I took full advantage of it. John and I, got into the boat at 7:00 am, and fished till dark. At the end of the day, the total count was 89 Silvers to the boat, Not including the ones that got away. I was able to get 69 of them on film. I tried to get a pic of all of them, but the action was just to fast at times. The Situk river is having a great run of Silvers this year. The weather has been pleasant so far, and I am hoping this will continue. If you want a great Alaskan experience, then come on up to Yakutat Lodge in the next 3 weeks.

Here are the pics.

P9060020 P9060001 P9060002 P9060008 P9060009 P9060010 P9060011 P9060012 P9060013 P9060014 P9060015 P9060016 P9060017 P9060018 P9060019 P9060041 P9060043 P9060044 P9060045 P9060047 P9060048 P9060049 P9060050 P9060003 P9060021 P9060023 P9060026 P9060028 P9060029 P9060030 P9060034 P9060036 P9060037 P9060038 P9060039 P9060040 P9060064 P9060065 P9060067 P9060068 P9060069 P9060071 P9060072 P9060073 P9060074 P9060075 P9060076 P9060077  P9060041 P9060042 P9060043 P9060044 P9060045 P9060048 P9060050 P9060051 P9060052 P9060053 P9060054 P9060055 P9060056 P9060058 P9060060 P9060061 P9060062 P9060063 P9060079

Good luck out there,