Another fly out, produces bunches of fresh Silvers. The Italio river is producing several fish, per fisherman, every day. The Italio river is a fly fisherman’s dream river. With the average height only being 2 feet at low tide, and the fish willing to strike flies, it is the perfect set up for novice, as well as seasoned fly fisherman. Top water polly wogs, are very effective also on this river. When using top water wogs, you want to strip the wog across the water, causing some disturbance at the surface. Watch the wog carefully, for sometimes the strike is not a strike at all, but the fish simply sucks in the wog from underneath. If you are lucky, you will see the fish charging the wog, and witness first hand, the explosive take at the surface of the water. Your best bet for constant fly rod action, is to strip black and pink articulated leaches. Silvers can’t help but to strike these flies, as they move through the water.


P9030038P9030040DoubleP9050003P9050009P9030062P9030056P9050006  17 pounderP9050011

Good luck out there.