Today our fill in guide, (Rick Barrow’s) is leaving us. Rick was filling in for Jack Walker, who has been the long standing lead guide here at the Yakutat Lodge . Jack will be returning to duty shortly, and back on the ores before the end of the season.

Rick was a great guide, and just a great guy to be around, we will miss him.

   Anyway, back to the fishing. Rick’s son Matt has been here for the last 4 days, and they have fished their butts off. I was able to grab some pics from them to show you all. Also a pic of a giant Glacier bear spotted on the river. This bear is definitely unique to what we are used to seeing around here. Enjoy the pics, and again, sorry to see you go Rick, hope to see you back in September for the Silvers.


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Glacier Bear!!



Good luck out there.