That time of year has arrived again. The Steelhead season is over, and the Sockeye are just starting to show up in good numbers. Although last year was a bust on Sockeyes, this year is shaping up to be a real good one. The river is full of new Salmon arriving every day. I floated down with another one of the guides, and the cook here at the Yakutat Lodge, two days ago, and we did very well. Also along the way we did see what seemed to be hundreds of fresh Sockeyes in almost all the holes, from half way down. After guiding here at the Yakutat Lodge for the last 7 years, and working here for the last nine, I still never get tired of seeing that wake in the water, made by the seemingly endless number of fish that come in with the tides. The lower end was just boiling with fish the other day. The town of Yakutat is nearly void of fisherman this time of year, and if anyone could get the chance to get here within in the next week or so, you could really have a great time with the Sockeye, and have the river to yourselves. Although there maybe more fisherman coming in daily, this year has started early, so if you can get here quick, I would say now is the time. Back to Steelhead. Even though the season has ended, does not mean that there are not some nice fish still in the system. Although many of these Steelies are downstream fish, (Meaning they have already spawned, and are on their way back to the salt), there are still late spring fish coming up through the weir. On the float, all three of us were able to get into, and land some nice Steel. I had a good 7 hookups, and landed 3, the other guys, (Jake (the guide), and Gary (the cook)), each hooked and landed a nice Steelhead. We also got into some great fighting Sockeye. Hope to see some of you make it early for the Sockeye. Also included is a pic of the art work now being displayed on my boat. All of those who have had me as your Yakutat Lodge guide, will understand, and probably laugh real good when you see this one.

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Good luck out there.