Well I am sure you have noticed no entries the last couple of days. My Photographer (Brian Woobank) is back at Yakutat Lodge for the next couple days, and we have been hitting it hard. The first night out, we took my boat out in the bay, and got a nice 75 LBS Halibut. The next day we headed up to the lake, and although it was slower than last year, we still got some great shots. Today we floated the Situk, and it was a pretty good day. We got some great shots, above and below water. Also some real good HD video. Hope you all like what you see. Here’s your fish porn.

The first big halibut in boat!


The Lake!

IMG_2085 IMG_2091 IMG_2094   P5230102 IMG_2891IMG_2881IMG_2875 P5230094 IMG_2882IMG_2896 IMG_2884IMG_2097IMG_2172IMG_2850P5220073    IMG_2854 IMG_2857IMG_2843IMG_2847 IMG_2864 IMG_2870  IMG_2101 IMG_2105 IMG_2115 IMG_2121 IMG_2146IMG_2341 


The River Float!

P5230105IMG_2915IMG_2921IMG_2925IMG_2954P5230117 IMG_2956IMG_3075IMG_2965IMG_2975IMG_2967IMG_3024IMG_2937IMG_2979IMG_2206IMG_2984IMG_3000IMG_2971IMG_3084IMG_2288IMG_2296IMG_3090IMG_2299IMG_2281

Brian’s Ocean day!


Good luck out there.