Again today the sun beat down as we left the Yakutat Lodge, and the fish beat feet up under the brush. We did get a few in the morning, where the shade was still available, but afternoon just dropped off, and lockjaw took over. We fished groups of fifty or more, with not one biter, (and I mean we threw everything at them). That's Steelheading. We did get 3 to the net, only two took photo's, the third was shy and swam away early. One thing, I feel like I am being stocked on the river by a Moose. I never see more than one or two moose a year, today we saw three. One of the moose I believe is the same one that has been following me for the last week or so. I got some more good video of her, and some good release vids also.

P5210070 P5210063 P5210069

Good luck out there.