Today started out real slow. I saw some fish in the first hole I came too today, but they were not into biting anything. I spent about 2 hours working down stream, without a fish sighting. Finally I got to the table top hole (“Same hole as in the video”), and I hit into my first fish. He got away, but the female that followed was not so lucky. I then spent another 2 hours looking for fish, without success. As I have said before, “Always go back through the water you fished in the morning, because nobody sees all the fish. So I went back through the areas I fished that morning, and I started to see and hook up with fish. I got into another 5 fish before it was over, and landed 2 of them. So I got into 7 fish today, and landed 3, not the percentage I wanted, but one of the ones that got away was foul hooked, so I can really take that one off the percentage’s. Here is some fish porn from today. Enjoy!

P3180010 P3180002 P3180003 P3180005 P3180006 P3180007 P3180008 P3180009

Good luck out there.