Today was a great day for fishing on the creek. The water level has risen a bit from the recent rains, but the clarity and flow is still in good shape. I would almost go as far as to say, that the fish are now arriving in good numbers. I saw nearly 20 fish today, and was able to hook up with lucky number 13. These fish today were hot!!!. They kicked my butt up and down the creek. I hooked up with three females that went about 15 LBS each. They tore me up!!. I was able to get two of them to the bank, but not to the hand. All 3 of these fish took me down stream nearly a quarter mile. If I had a camera guy today, wow what a video that would have been. If anybody out there would be willing to follow me with a video camera one day soon, I would be more that grateful. It’s not an easy job filming on this creek, but I think the video would be exceptional. Anyway, all 3 of these big fish jumped no less than three times each, the last one must have come out of the water 8 times, while tearing line off my reel, and not stopping for anything. I was able to land 2 fish today, but all the rest just ripped me apart. I was done fishing and worn out by 11:00 today. I am hoping to hold out a bit longer tomorrow, and land some of these big girls, so I can get the pictures going again. Here are the two I got in today. By the way, everyone can thank Indy “My dog” for losing one of the big ones today. She jumped right on it and popped the hook as I was reaching down to get a hand on it. Oh well, got love her anyway.

P3170005 P3170009 P3170013 P3170015 P3170017

Good luck out there.