Well I took a couple of days to write about Friday. I lost so many fish I stayed home on Saturday to cool off. I am not going to get into exactly how many I hooked, not only to keep people from thinking I am lying, but also not to make those of you that were out on Friday feel bad if you had a tough day. I will say, it was over “20”, (Well over 20). It was a great day for hook ups, but I was only able to land 1 fish the entire day. The day started out with two fish hooked in the first couple minutes, then I think it was a fish on just about every ten minutes, until the last hour, when I got into several fish, in just about the same amount of casts. The water was a perfect color, and the fish were on the attack. Several holes that Matt and I stopped to fish, took just one cast a piece to hook fish. It seemed that if I saw a fish I was able to get a strike in less than three casts. Some of these fish actually traveled more than ten feet to hit the fly. It was great fishing, but the landing sucked.

P2270001 P2270002

Good luck out there.