Today was suppose to be me and another fisherman, that I met last year, during the trout opener at Lake Lenice. Seems as though Todd came own with the flu, so I went at it solo, not even my dog went today. Indy stayed home due to the rain. She got real wet and cold the day before, so she refused to get out of bed this morning. I was expecting the river to be high and muddy, but instead it was still high, but had cleared up real nice. I did not see allot of fish moving through the creek though. I was positioned in an area that had a very good view of anything moving up stream. I saw only a few fish move through, a total of five to be exact. These five fish moved up and sat in front of me the entire morning, so the fish are holding up in this high water, which means as soon as it starts to drop, they will haul fin upstream. I was able to get into four fish and land two of them, before the water started to rise even more. There were two fish today that drove me crazy. These two fish positioned themselves under some branches that were hanging down into the water. Just the tips of the braches were in the water, but the fish were directly underneath them. I tried for hours to get these fish, and all I did was lose 8 flies on that dang tree. This is the first time I can remember, that I was not able to get fish that I could see. If the water was just an inch lower I could have drifted under and into those fish, but it was not to be. Here is the pics from today.

P2250001P2250006 P2250004 

Good luck out there!