Today I ventured out with a friend of mine, that I had met at Eagle creek about 7 years ago. We floated a well known river here in the Portland Oregon, and the river did not disappoint. We spent the first hour or so working our way down to the fish. After arriving at the predetermined spot, we started throwing out our bobber and jig set ups. At first it was a bit different for me, not fishing with anything but a fly rod for so long, pitching a bait caster was something I thought I may have some trouble with to start, but everything went fine from the first cast. We hooked up with four nice Steelies, having to release two, because they possessed a full adipose fin, making them a (“Native fish”?)?????. which must be released immediately unharmed. I got some pics of the fish we did keep, and here they are. Also one pic from Eagle creek. Got this one on Sunday, on the creek.


P2030125 P2030127 P2030129 P2010122



Good luck out there!