Silver Bullets are starting to show in the upper creek now. I have seen a slow rise in the number of fish on a daily basis. My hook up ratio to fish spotted has been almost 100%, but the landing ratio has needed a little help. I have been able to hook up with 22 fish in the last 4 days, but only four have come to the camera lens to get a pic. I am hoping that the fishing this year will be getting better on a daily basis. The fish are not to big yet, and the early ones that have been in the system for awhile do have a little color showing up on them. They still have all there fight though. I was into about a twenty pound female yesterday, that taught me the meaning of power. She tore me up and then spit me out at the last possible second, after a half mile run down river. When I finally caught up to this fish, she turned, looked at me, and promptly spit my hook back into my face. Oh well I will get her tomorrow.

Nice buck Steelhead Nice fish Indy P1300089

Good luck out there.