Finally the first big push on the lower end in about two weeks. The females are coming in to the system by the truck loads. It was a great night to be on the lower end of the river. Big pods of fish were moving in for the last two hours of the evening, and they were very aggressive. I walked up to the weir tonight, and was going to fish my way out. I hooked up in the first five minutes, but it came unbuttoned. Then I did the worst thing you can do, I got hung up, and tried to use the tip of my rod to get it undone, and snapped my tip off. After that I said “That’s it I am going home”. I started to walk down the trail, when I saw someone in a boat playing a fish. I was going to continue on, but my buddy Matt who was with me said, “Lets take a look and see what’s there”. So after waiting for the boat to move on, we went on down to take a look. When I looked out in the run I saw a good group of fish. So I promptly cut off the remainder of the rod above the second eye, and I was ready to fish again. In the next hour and a half I hooked up with 8 fish, and put two on the bank. I broke three off, because my drag on my fly rod in worn out, and I half to palm all my fish right now. Anyway here the pics from tonight.


Fresh Springer Springer Big Female Great fish

I think the fishing is only going to pick up from here on out!!