Rain hit again last week, and the water came up quickly. Along with the rising water came the murky water. After it was all said and done, the water rose over a foot, and the clarity of the river went to almost zero. Fishing in these conditions can be a bit more difficult than lower clear water. Or just the opposite, it can make the fishing fantastic. Well the fishing was good in the dirty high water. The river is already dropping back in shape, and the fishing today was a lot tougher. With the water clearing up, and the temperature water dropping from the snow melt, the fish are lethargic, and don't want to bite. Yesterday with the high dirty water, the fishing was good. Here are some pics from yesterday. I had Pudge, a client of Yakutat lodge today and I will put up the pics from today tomorrow.

Tony's Chromer Ross with a Spring Steelie Double Tony's monster Nice Fish Big Buck Another one for Ross Chromer


See ya tomorrow.