Well another day in Yakutat, and another group of Steelhead.

I went out tonight, and took a walk that has become very familiar to me in the last 7 years.  The tides are just right this week to go and catch Steelhead just seconds out of the ocean. I am privileged to be able to fish in the Situk river on a daily basis. Most Steelhead fisherman will never get the chance to catch these fresh fish when they first leave the salt and enter into the fresh water. They come out of the ocean pissed off and willing to slam a fly. If you have ever hit into a real fresh fish, then think of that times 4, then you will have some idea, as to the brute strength and acrobatic abilities that these fish truly have. The walk through the sand is brutal, but the pay off is huge, and can’t be beat. So here are some pics of tonight’s beauties, and a video I captured,from the beginning, to the end, of a great fight.

P4060015  P4050018 P4060017 P4060016