Well I have been on the river now since I got here, 3 days ago. I am sore and tired, but the fishing has been fairly good, for this early in the season. Nothing exciting has happened yet, except for the Iron heads I have hooked up with. The fish seem to be of good size so far. The weather has been cloudy, but not much rain. Things are going to change in the next few days. They are calling for rain at the beginning of the week and then start to cool off, with a chance of snow at the end of the week. I don’t think it will effect the river to much, but it may raise a bit with the rain coming. When the snow starts to fall, the river will follow suit and go back down quickly. I have noticed there are a lot more winter fish in the upper end the last few days. So as this week ,I expect to see a lot more winter fish, and the springers are starting to show in Small groups down at the mouth. I am on the river again tomorrow, so I will share then what happened.  I have not seen any bears or moose yet, just a lot of mink, martin, eagles, and river otters. Here are a few fish from today, and check out the under water video.

P4050021 P4040017 P4040038

P4040027 P4040029 P4050022