This is great when you have so many species of fish to target. In the last 4 days the Yakutat Lodge clients have caught several of each species on a daily basis, when targeted. It has been so fun to see all the different fish and the way they react differently to the same type presentations. Each one hits different and reacts differently from one another.

Kings hit like a feather, except plugs. It’s incredible to see a 30 pound King match the speed of a spinner, eat it, spit it out, and never leave a trace. There is no line stop, no feel, and unbelievable to actually watch it right in front of your eyes in 4 feet of crystal clear water. More than half the Kings that hit we witnessed, and out of those we missed about 30%. Even when you see the lure disappear in their mouth and set hook, there is nothing there, but the fish is shaking his head and swims off into the deep.


Sockeye are nut case fighters, with many runs and very aerial, but they are not traditionally a real bitey fish. Most are caught with a lining style of fishing, but some do bite. We have created a jigging technic that works very well, and you can watch them actually attack the jig and crush it. You will not hook as many fish this way, but you get to actually watch them attack and bite for real.


Cutthroat, Rainbows and Dolly’s are great fighters on light gear and line. We are using King gear so they are the best fight that way, but not to get confused, we are only using 8-15 pound rods, and light braid and 15 pound leader. So we are not using big stuff for the Kings here. It is light gear Kings in a real small arena, making it a big challenge, but tons of fun.

 Kings are all catch and release.












Good luck out there.