Well I have been getting real good results from the coast this year since my return from Yakutat. First trip, to the last trip have all resulted in several fish caught, and many more exercised. They have not been real big fish, but they are very fresh and feisty. I have started to learn how to cure eggs just right, and they have been working great. I know I am not a bait guy, but for this species I think it is the way to go for sure. Bobber and eggs, and back bouncing have been killing it. A few on plugs, but not as many as I would have liked. Here are some pics from the last week out. I also, (with the help of Ed Fast, and Ian (Arctic)). painted my boat, and it looks great. Really blue, so the fish think it’s just more water. I hope………..

20131010_104247  20131010_104510

20131010_104344 20131010_104517 20131010_104526

20131010_112526  20131010_110210 20131010_112553



20131010_122646 20131010_122651 20131010_122719

20131010_122815 20131010_122927

Mike and Steve went out for a day of fun also, and we got em’ good.


 20131015_09455320131015_141352  20131015_112458 

Good luck out there;