Well today was the day to remember for sure. Over the years I have been after a big native chrome buck. I have caught them in Alaska several times, but has been very elusive to me in the State of Oregon. I have caught several large bucks in Oregon, but never a big chrome one. Today I got one that was 38” by 21”, just around 20 lbs. It was also the best fight I have had in Oregon ever. I was shaking for an hour after landing this giant. He took me through the hole I was fishing, and then down some nasty white water rapids. With the help of my buddy, and a nice catch and release net, we were able to get this boy after about a fifteen minute fight. This fish will be in the memory banks forever. We also got 4 more today. I was able to get three, 1 really big native, one more native about 12 lbs, and 1 nice chrome hatchery fish. My buddy and his dad also each got 1 nice hatchery fish. All in all we were 5 for 7. Not a bad day at all.


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 P1270129 P1270134 20130127_113519

One from buggy creek on Saturday.



Good luck out there.