Been able to get out a bit this week, and success was good. There has been some personal stuff going on recently with my wife and I having a miscarriage. It has been tough, and the posts have been far and few between. I believe the worst is behind us now and we can get on with things. Also my beloved dog (Indy), had cancer removed from here stomach, and today she is finally free of all the stitches and she is ready to start showing up in pics again. Here are some pics from the coast and from the Sandy river with Ed Fast. He is kicking butt this year and looking for clients to get into fish. Visit his site at and get ready to hook up with some nice Oregon Winter Steel.

From the coast:

20130107_140219 20130107_140231 20130107_140236 20130107_150242

From the Sandy River

imagejpeg_2 imagejpeg_2

Nice fish and pics.

IMG_2224 IMG_2224_2

Back in Yak; When you could keep kings:



Good luck out there.