Due to some badly torn ligaments and tendons in the old elbow this year, I had to cancel on the rooster fishing in Mexico this year. This would have been my first trip to fish for these absolutely beautiful fish. My time was spent here in Oregon trying to get Kings when I was not in too much pain to fish, while my buddy’s spent the week in Mexico catching some of the best fighting fish you can catch off the beach. Four wheelers are used to traverse about 5 miles of private beach where these rooster fish swim in chasing bait fish. When you see the panic reaction of the bait fish running and jumping on the surface of the breaks, you start casting in that direction. Using big plug like lures, you sling them out about 50 to 70 yards, and then start reeling like a mofo. I have been told the bite is tremendous, and the fight just as satisfying. If you don’t get the bite, then you jump on the four wheeler and keep searching the breaks for the next fish.

Here are some pics from the trip I should have been on. Nest year for sure.

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 IMG_3303 IMG_3309IMG_3360_2

 IMG_3338  IMG_3336



 IMG_3430 IMG_3439 IMG_3450


Great place to stay when fishing for Roosters.


IMG_3464  IMG_3401

Good luck out there