Well the King season is closed, but the jacks are always available. Here on the Situk river, the Jacks are Kings that are 20” or under in length. Most years there is no problem getting these little Kings like crazy. This year had been a bit different. The limit of ten a day has been very tough to near impossible this year. The Jacks seem to know the length restrictions, and have out grown them by an inch or more. We have been using #3 and #4 Blue fox spinners to target these Jacks, and have been catching a lot, but just at 20 1/2” to 26”. Only 2 actual Jacks in the last three days, but tons of 21” to 23” Jacks that are just out of the legal range. With large King fishing closed for the season, it is inevitable that you are going to get some by-catch fish on accident. When we do hook one of these adult Kings, we attempt to slack line them and let them shake it loose, but that does not always work. So we have landed a few good size Kings also that were promptly released unharmed and undisturbed as much as possible. Here are some pics of all the barely over sized Jacks and a few my wife caught yesterday.






rainbow22"21" 23"



Good luck out there,