I have some posts I need to put up with some great clients I had last week, but I have to to do this one now. I had to go to town to do this one because of internet problems. Had a great walk up river and some great shots. Brain, Ryan, and I really got into some nice steelhead today. They are jumping and running like mad now with the water temps being up in the 40’s. There was also a nice Sockeye on the menu tonight. They are not really showing, but a very few around. Here are the pics from today.

IMG_0326IMG_0178IMG_0187IMG_0188 IMG_0195IMG_0223IMG_0212IMG_0199   IMG_0224IMG_0226IMG_0257IMG_0242IMG_0264IMG_0269IMG_0270IMG_0271IMG_0272IMG_0274






Good luck out there.