Fishing was not off the hook last week, but there were fish to be had. The return of Creighton and Bill is always a good time. We got into several fish, and fished hard for four days. The water is now dropping fast, and there are lots of  fresh fish still coming in everyday. The drop back Steelies are bunching up now, and the hens are feeding on everything in site. Sun the last two days have killed the bite, but rain in the future will turn it back on.  Here are the pics and also pics from a couple other of Yakutat lodge’s clients in the last week. If you have the time to get here, now is a great time to be at Yakutat Lodge. The fish are everywhere, new ones coming in still, and the sockeye are going to show anytime now. There are openings this next two weeks for any one that can make it up, the fish and the river will have no pressure.

I have seen two Sockeye so far, and I am looking forward to the big groups coming in any day now.

P5072294P5052161P5052164 P5052173P5062182P5062200 P5062207P5062210P5062214 P5072227P5072235P5072243 P5072251P5072256P5072266 P5072270P5072284P5072292


Kathy and Jim:

P5150137P5150125P5150131 P5150135

A great group of guys this week. Not many fish because of the sun, but did get a few.

P5140114P5140021P5140034 P5140043P5140052P5140078P5140059



Good luck out there.