It has been great fishing. Bud Gore ended up with over 25 fish to the boat in five days. Also a client (Tom), got into some nice fish and brought one to the boat. I have also has OJ Saito for two days, with only one 37 to the bank, but well over double digits worth of hook ups.


P4251566 P4251570P4251572P4251585P4251614P4251618P4251633P4251650P4251653 P4251656P4251662P4251675 P4251692P4251698P4261702  P4261733P4261738P4271801 P4271826P4271863P4271846


P4281889  P4281901P4281911P4291921 P4241520

We have a new guide this year, Tom and I were able to go down the river and I got to see him get his first Situk Steelie. A nice 34” egg wagon, fresh from the salt.


 P5031986P5031987P5031991 P5031993

I have had a chance to get out fish here and there, but tonight I really got the chance, and took full advantage of it. I have been seeing fish in one particular spot now for about a week, and a day ago I was able to get 3 out of there. Well tonight I got out and really had the opportunity to get some fishing in. I went straight back to that spot and starting whacking them good. I ended up with a total of 21 out of 38 to the bank in about 2 1/2 hours. Not to shabby. Everyone I caught tonight had sea lice and were pretty damn hot!. I really had a good time. Here are the pics. I got 16 on film and the other five got out of hand before the camera went off. Those that know me will notice I purchased a new Loop Fly Reel. Made in Sweden I think, but it is awesome, (Better be for seven bills new).

First time out!

P4291937P4211373P4291944 P4211379P4221391P4221401 P4221403P4221413P4221419 P4221421P4221430P4231460 P4231468P4251592P4281865 P4281868P4281871P4291925 P4291926

The ones I got with Tom:

P5032082P5032026P5032058 P5032059P5032068P5032079

Tonight 21 for 38!!!  (14 pics of different fish:”)

P5042123P5042126P5042133  P5042149P5042156P5042085 P5042088P5042093P5042094P5042095P5042096P5042097P5042103P5042106P5042107P5042112

If the guy on the river I saw that night reads this. You had a spey rod and got some on beads as i was leaving. Please hit the comment button and tell me how many more you got after I left. Thanks.

Good luck out there.