Well as I was sitting thinking about fishing today, I heard a car door shut out in front of the house. I got up to cure the boredom, and there it was, “A big king”. The young boy in the pic was the winner today. I did not get alot of the story from them on the fight. I was told that they did not think it was a fish at first, but just hung up. Then as the line came up to about twenty feet from the boat, the fish finally revealed itself, and the fight was on!. I got a few good pics of the fish. I am hoping my venture up to the Peninsula this next week will produce some nice fish. Also heard a report that the Sandy is getting a bunch of Natives right now. I am leaving to head back to Alaska in just a few short days, I think I have 10 days left. So if I don’t post before that, then be ready for some great photo’s and video’s for the next 6 months.

P3241145 P3241146

Good luck out there