Now that the water is back shape, we can get down to business. The flood left the rivers I fish in a shambles. The rocks, trees, and even what seems to be the river itself has moved into a new position. This season is going to be a learning experience I can tell. All the rocks and structure I have gotten to know over the last 30 some years, have moved and some are gone completely. It slightly baffles the mind to think of the force it took to move some of those massive boulders and trees around. There are rocks that I have stood on for my whole life, that are now no where in site. Guess it’s about time to learn it all over again. I fished every day from the flood on, and no fish for me until the last couple of days. I have spent some time with my two friends out on the water, and between the 3 of us, we have managed to hook up with 28 fish, and land only 5. The water is still moving good, and the fish are feisty right now. Here are some pics from the last couple trip out from the three of us.

 P1260870 P1250869 P1250868 starting 042

starting 012

 starting 003010P1260878  starting 009 

Good luck out there.